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Divine Diversity

Daughters of Grace was established in October 2007. Rev. Charmine Schine approached Bishop Tommy Hill Jr. with an opportunity to expand God’s kingdom with a women’s ministry at New Holy Cross Baptist Church. The request was granted, and the women ministry held their first meeting October 9, 2007.


The meeting determined the organizational structure and officially named the women’s ministry “Daughters of Grace.” In 2013 Bishop Hill appointed Rev. Charmine Schine as the Daughters of Grace Ministry Leader, Lady Ella Hill as Coordinator. With their vision and leadership, the women’s ministry grew in number and became what it is today, a ministry dedicated to equipping, encouraging and empowering women through the Word of God.

2015 began a new chapter for Daughter's of Grace when Erica Montgomery started that chapter in her home state of Arkansas. After attending a conference, God led Erica to begin the Daughters of Grace ministry at her church.

This launched the Daughters of Grace state-to-state ministry.

In January of 2018, Ella attended a Bible study entitled, "Rooted" at Parkview Christian Church. There she met Sheila Krygsheld, a member of the same study group. Ella felt God telling her to ask Sheila to be a speaker at the annual conference. With Sheila's "yes," Ella saw the first sign that God was now ready to expand Daughters of Grace into a multi-cultural ministry. 

Over a decade strong and it is just the beginning of something bigger than we could have ever imagined… we will continue to Follow, Trust, and Believe in God!